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Although we have seen enough water these days in the form of rain and hail to keep us happy for a while, there are other forms of water that are at their peak.

Weather permitting, this weekend visit the different cascades that are at their most beautiful moment now in spring.

As spring comes to an end, the cascades become connected to eachother. When winter snows thaw, the warmer days cause the cascades and rivers to overflow on their long awaited journey to the sea.

Don´t miss out on this opportunity to listen to their roaring sound and watch as the water races uncontrollably.  We suggest visiting any of the cascades that can be accessed easily by people of all ages.  Pay special attention to the sounds of birds chirping as they try to attract their partners as it is now mating season for many species.

Xorroxin Cascade in Erratzu:  it´s path is well-marked and the hike can be appropriate for any age.

Well, it´s not like visiting the Niagara Falls but the cascades in Navarre do have their own charm.