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Our annual bike invasion!

On Sunday, June 3rd,  the streets of Pamplona will make room for thousands of bike-riders on a 15K route in and around the city.  The annual cycling event, in its seventeenth edition, expects to have over three thousand participants sign up.

To be able to participate, cyclists must sign up from May 29th until June 2nd.  This can be done at “El Corte Inglés” or at the stands that will be installed in “Plaza del Castillo” and the entrance of the University of Navarre Clinic, in Pio XII Ave.  The inscription will have a cost of two euros and part of the proceeds will be donated to the NGO Vicente Ferrer Foundation.

Participantes en el XVI Día de la Bicicleta celebrado en Pamplona... CHALMETA/ARCHIVO

It´s a great opportunity for you and your family to take to the streets of Pamplona without worrying about the traffic.  You´ll be helping a good cause, getting some exercise and most importantly,  having a great Sunday bike ride!