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Hermano Lobo is a multicultural music group with both British and “Navarro” members who  have two things in common:  their love for music and their residence in Navarre.

The members of the group, Paul Bentham, Mikel Rodríguez ,  Al Macaulay,  Bob Adamson,  Inés Rubio and Jon Herbert, have come together to write a new chapter in the history of the Pamplona music scene.  All have belonged to different groups in the past and are now sharing their previous musical experience to create a new style that blends folk, pop, country and swing together, as well as performing rock and “western” movie soundtracks.

Hermano Lobo returns to pure sounds to create a musical style that can be understood and loved by all.  The band works towards a global style, forgetting individualisms and achieving a harmonic atmosphere full of musical nuances.

Don´t miss their next concerts!

Date: Thursday, November 15, 22.00h

Venue: El Bistrot Catedral, Calle Navarrería, 20, 31001 Pamplona

Date: Friday, December 14,  22.00h

Venue: Sala Bafle y Donegal, Monasterio de Usun, 1, Pamplona