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Our students in  ”2º Bachiller A” (Ingrid)  and “1º Bachiller A” (Silvia I.) have participated in an “international” activity that we would like to highlight.  They have written a story about friendship with students from Ukraine, Belgium and Bulgaria.  We would like to share this great project with you.  We would also like to congratulate our students and their “classmates” from other countries, as well as the teachers who have helped them, for their great work on this lovely initiative.

Global  story   “Friendship as it is”

Chapter 1 ( Ukraine – Mykolaiv Specialized Secondary School 22)

Friends as enemies are given to us by the skies. To understand the essence of love: to have friends – in order not to be an indifferent creature; to have enemies –in order to harden the character. Through the smoke of hell, and through the bliss of heaven, carrying our destiny, it seems, we choose friends, but, in fact – God gives them to us. In the hours of success and in the hours of disease (by chance, like we sometimes interpret …) God gives us a sincere friend for our good in this world. A person needs only a little: on a shiny or dull day you should appreciate friendship and be able to understand your friend as you understand yourself.

Once there lived the Wind. He was as free as all the winds, but there was something special that set him apart from others. He loved our planet and everything that was on it. He helped people; when it was necessary to warm the people – he blew out the fire, and extinguished it when he thought it had to be done. He circled above many villages, cities, countries. It was as if he was looking for something, as if he was drawn somewhere, to someone. He loved flowers, they were beautiful and he always admired their unique beauty.

One day he met a Flower. The Flower was not like those flowers that he had met before, it was different, special. The Wind showed his interest to the Flower and they became unsurpassable wonderful friends. Never before had the flower known that the wind could be so gentle. Either the Wind did not know before that he badly needed and appreciated this flower. The Wind kissed the Flower’s petals and the Flower replied him kindly in return. He held it, as if he was holding it in his arms. But soon the Wind had to leave the Flower to fly further. It was difficult for him to leave. The Wind would like to return to this place again and meet his flower.

Time had passed. And the Wind did return, but he didn’t meet the Flower. He was looking for it everywhere. And when he lost hope, he became fierce and cruel. He broke all the flowers that were close by. Then he abated his fatigue and helplessness, as if he was dying. Again, all was repeated. And so it still continues today.

One day The Wind, walking in the sky, saw a delicate petal of the mountain Flower, which had torn off from its stem and was majestically floating in the air.

“Now I’ll begin to spin it in my light wings” – thought the Wind. Gently blowing his cheeks, he  began to slowly approach the petal. But the strange thing happened: the closer he approached the petal, the further and further away the petal was from him. “What’s going on? He does not want me to know? “- thought the Wind. “Hey! Wait a minute! Wait a bit. I want to be friends with you! I need you! I feel so sad and lonely here in the sky! ”

The Petal smiled, ” But it’s you who makes me run away, isn’t it so?  I think that we are different and cannot be together and be friends. Stop blowing! ”
“Rivers may dry up, mountains may crumble, but the friendship of peoples is eternal and indestructible. Although we are different, our friendship will not vanish (disappear). And if I do not blow, then I will not exist. I’ll disappear, because I am the wind! ”
“I’m sorry” – said the petal dropping lower and lower. After a moment it slowly sank to the ground and lay still, spreading its frail body.
“What to do? What to do? “- thought the Wind. He liked the Petal so much! It is so gentle, subtle, beautiful. Immensely inflating his powerful wings, the wind tossed the Petal from side to side, not knowing what to do. He wanted to float here in the air together with the Petal. He even came up with the Petal’s name – “Maya».The Wind threw a longing look down to where there was lying his breathless gentle friend.
“How can it be? After all, he is lying down there! What about me? I cannot do without it! The Petal means everything to me! “…

Chapter 2 ( Belgium – IKSO  Secondary School  )

Finally the Wind realized that he had to leave the Petal alone. The Petal didn’t want to know him and was happy without him.
The Wind said to his friend: “I will leave you alone now. I want you to be happy and if you’re happier without me, then it is like that.” And the Wind left.

While the Wind was walking in the sky he felt really guilty. He realized that he had bothered the Petal. He felt like he was a bad Wind. Suddenly he passed the beautiful Sun. She wasn’t very happy. He thought by himself: “Maybe I can show the Sun that I’m not a bad Wind. Maybe I can help her to be happy again.”

So the Wind asked the Sun: ”What’s wrong? Why are you so sad?” The Sun replied: “ Today I woke up and I wanted to shine for the people all over the world.
But I couldn’t because there was a huge, grey Cloud in front of me. I asked the Cloud if he wanted to go away, but he was very grumpy. He said to me: “I’m not going away. I’m going to stay. If you want to leave, then just go.” I was so hurt that I didn’t wanted to shine anymore.” She couldn’t show to people how beautiful She was because there was a huge Cloud in front of her. She wanted to give the people heat and She wanted them to give a happy feeling. Because when you see the Sun you’re happy.
The Wind wanted to help the sun to be happy so he started thinking about what he could do.
He saw the huge, grey Cloud so he went to the Cloud. Maybe he could make the Cloud happy so that he would go away.

When he came by the Cloud, the Cloud turned away from him and said: “Just go away.”
The Wind was shocked. He first couldn’t what the Sun had said. He couldn’t believe that there were so rude people in the world. But what the sun had said was true. He started hesitating if he still wanted to help the Sun. But he wanted to show that he was a good Wind so he started talking to the cloud. “I used to be a bad Wind. I scared people away and make them hate me, like the Petal. But now I understand that I have to be kind to people and help them. So just tell me what’s wrong with you and I will help you.”

The Cloud replied: “I’m just not happy. I have been dragging Rain for days now and I’m just tired of it. It doesn’t want to go away. If you can help me to lose the Rain , you’re the best Wind I’ve ever known.

The Wind really wanted to be that Wind so he started wondering about what he could do.
He had a great idea. He would blow to the Cloud. So that the Cloud would move and all of the rain would come out. He told the Cloud his plan and they agreed that they would try it.

The wind took as much air in his mouth as he could. He started blowing and blowing. First nothing happened, but then he saw little raindrops fall out of the Cloud. He saw that the cloud started smiling and shaking so that all the rain would come out. When the Cloud was finally empty, he was so happy and thankful. He said to the Wind: “Thank you so much! I will tell to every cloud I see that you’re the most kind Wind ever!” And the Cloud went away.

The Wind went to the Sun. She’d already started shining. He could see her smile from far away.
The Sun said thank you to him.
The Wind felt happy again and decided to help more people.

Chapter 3 ( Spain- Colegio de Formación Lingüística)

Winter arrived, and with it, the snowflakes too. Among the large amount of snowflakes there was a special one whose name was Rudolffine. When the Wind saw her for the first time he felt immediately in love because he thought she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

He started to talk to her in a very special way. She felt comfortable when the Wind treating her like that so she let him continue.

While the love story between them was taking place, Maya, the Petal, was frozen inside a big block of ice because of the cold weather. What the Wind did not know that Maya was aware of his love story with somebody else.

Before the Wind`s love story started, she thought she did not love him. However, when she noticed that the Wind loved someone else, she realized that she loved him, so she felt jealous of Rudolffine.

Rudolffine noticed that Maya was in love with the Wind and that the Wind had not forgotten Maya. So she felt bad because the Wind had used her to try to forget Maya. So, Rudolffine went to the North Pole with her family. There she met with her ex-boyfriend, the Snowman and she said sorry to it and they got married.

The Wind realized he was not in love with Maya, he was in love with Rudolffine.

When spring arrived the block of ice in which Maya was frozen, melted, and Maya went very fast flying through the sky to find the Wind. But the environment was very dry because the hot sun and Maya got dry as a raisin. When Maya met the Wind, the Wind did not recognize her because Maya was like a grandmother and the Wind went from there because he thought that the petal was kidding him. Maya got really sad and finally one bird appeared and ate it.

The wind felt extremely lonely, so he decided to go to the North Pole to look for Rudolffine and when he arrived there, he met a funny reindeer called Bernard and they became very close friends.

One day when they were playing with the snow the wind asked Bernard if he could help him find Rudolffine.

Bernad didn’t think it over: “Yes, of course, I will help you “. They began a desperate search for Rudolffine. They looked for her from North to South. Bernard was singing at the same time but he wasn’t good at singing so it started to snow. After a while, the flake appeared.

The wind was very happy. He couldn’t believe it, finally, they had found her. The wind started to speak to her: “Please Rudolffine, come to live with me “. The wind was delighted, it was the best day of his life and suddenly he said: “ Rudolffine, marry me”.

The flake looked at him, she was hesitating, she didn’t know what to say but finally she spoke: “ I´m terribly sorry but I can’t go with you, if you look around, you will see that there are a lot of little snowflakes. All of them are my brothers and sisters and I have to look after them, they need me, they need me more than you “.

The wind looked at her, he was shocked. After that, he looked at his friend Bernard. Bernard had been the main witness of that unfortunate meeting. Bernard didn’t know what to say or do, he was petrified.

The wind turned around and started to run. Bernard followed him but the wind was very fast. Bernard was exhausted, he couldn’t continue so he stopped and shouted to the wind: “Stop, please, stop” but the wind couldn’t hear him and didn’t slow down.

Chapter  4 ( Bulgaria- Secondary School 51 “Elisaveta Bagryana”)

Finally, while running, the Wind met the Moon, which was desperately crying. He asked her why she was mourning and she answered: ”I’m sad because I haven’t got any friends!” and some  tears  tore off her beautiful, deep eyes which fell on the ground like a rain.They watered the petals of the flower Maya.  The Wind decided to help the Moon not to be lonely anymore. That’s why he introduced her to the lightning bugs . He explained her that these insects can be good friends with everyone and assist in need and adversity. The Moon was so happy that she was able to find new friends. She gifted him a starlet of gratitude.

After that the Wind noticed that the Rainbow was grey. He asked her why she was so pouty and she replied: ”I lost my colours”. Then they departed toward the forest, blew the foliage  and under the piles of leaves , they found one of her colours.

Finishing their work on the ground, both of them went into the sky. There the bright Sun saw them and asked: “ Can I help you somehow?” The Rainbow and the Wind told It  their story in details. After listening to them very carefully , the Sun decided to help them in the search. It called out its best friends – the Moon, the Stars and the Cloud. All of them started to look for the Rainbow’s colours  passionately and jointly. After a long and exhausting search, they found out most of them. The outcome was: the Wind found two colours, the Sun – three, the Cloud – one,the Moon – any, but she was happy that she had been involved in the search and had attempted to help. The thought that they were able to finish their task in time and successfully, was making them glad. The Rainbow wasn’t able to express her gratitude to all of them that had contributed to retrieving  her colours. The smile had returned to its face again.

Since then the Wind has been helping everyone, who needed his support.

The Wind was missing the petal and once he thought to himself:” How good it will be if I become a friend with Maya again.I had a lot of adventures since I left her but nobody loved me as she did .She’s the most wonderful creature in the world I’ve ever met. I didn’t have to treat her so rudely.”

However, he did everything to return to the land where Maya was grown, but unfortunately she had faded away….. The Wind remembered that after Maya’s death , she might  have left her seeds in the ground, which may shine in the darkness. And guess what? Who helped  him to find them? – His reliable friend – the Moon, whom he had helped some weeks ago without asking anything in return. While the Moon was brightly shining , the Wind was searching and searching for the seeds……. Ultimately, he found the valuable seed.Then he went to a special place and planted it. The Sun was petting it with its rays to grow faster , and the Cloud was pouring it with a rainy water.  Finally ,the Flower grew.  Oh, how beautiful it was! It brought a lot of joy to the Sky and its inhabitants………


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