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LONDON 2012….It’s now or never!!

If you’ve been thinking about going to London this year, either for a holiday or to make that decisive step you’ve been pondering over for the last couple of years, now’s the time to go. This year’s full to the brim of exciting events that are sure to make your trip more enjoyable than ever.

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee will give you the chance to soak up the atmosphere of a city celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s 60 years on the throne. From the start of Spring you will be able to visit famous buildings related to the Royal family, see exhibitions of private collections and look around the most famous ‘house’ in England….Buckingham Palace. However, the main events will take place at the beginning of June: an open-air lunch in the streets of London (weather permitting), the Thames river pageant and the spectacular lighting of 2012 beacons across the country. A quick visit to whet your appetite for more.

Charles Dickens was born 200 years ago this year and there will be many activities to celebrate this bicentenary. Film, theatre, exhibitions, festivals…there are plenty of activities to take part in or attend to be part of this celebration. Dickens or Shakespeare…who was the best, who’s your favourite?…check out and and judge for yourself!!


The 2012 Olympic Games will be a must for any serious sports enthusiast. Okay…flights, hotel rooms, sightseeing and eating out will all be expensive, but isn’t London always expensive at any time, any year. The sports ‘die-hards’ will be doing their best to be there so isn’t it worth making that extra effort to follow your country…or would you prefer to save your hard-earned money and follow your national football team to the European Football Championship in Poland and the Ukraine. and have all the latest info!!

The above is just a titbit to get your tastebuds going…everybody will have their own plans for spending leisure time this year wherever they want. But if you do visit any of the above events, let us know by writing to our webpage – we’ll be more than happy to hear from you. ENJOY YOURSELF!!

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Ya está abierto el periodo de preinscripción para el próximo curso que comenzará el 1 de octubre, 2012.  En estos momentos, estamos atendiendo a peticiones para clases en grupos (Infantil, Primaria, ESO, Bachiller y Adultos) además de las clases particulares que se impartirán a lo largo de todo el curso escolar.

Ahora también pueden solicitar clases que se impartirán durante el verano, a partir del 16 de julio, 2012 en horario de mañana o tarde, según les interese.

Para más información, no duden en ponerse en contacto con nosotros a través del formulario que encontrará haciendo “click” en CONTACTO, o visítenos en nuestros centros.

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Hace unos días, fuimos invitados a una serie de charlas organizada por la editorial Cambridge, líderes en formación para profesionales de la enseñanza de idiomas.

No pudimos asistir todos, muy a nuestro pesar, pero sí que asistió un grupo genial de nuestros compañeros representando a CFL  y después compartieron su experiencia con nosotros.

Encontraron todas las charlas interesantes y sobre todo útiles.  Vieron distintos enfoques de clases según las edades de los alumnos.  Trataron la motivación e implicación del alumno en clase de inglés.  Pero, sobre todo,  tuvieron una oportunidad para compartir anécdotas y experiencia con colegas de toda la zona norte de España.

Desde aquí, agradecemos a los organizadores la invitación y queremos reconocer el trabajo diario de nuestro profesorado, su implicación y buen hacer que consiguen que nuestra empresa sea puntera en la formación en idiomas.

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Although we have seen enough water these days in the form of rain and hail to keep us happy for a while, there are other forms of water that are at their peak.

Weather permitting, this weekend visit the different cascades that are at their most beautiful moment now in spring.

As spring comes to an end, the cascades become connected to eachother.  When winter snows thaw, the warmer days cause the cascades and rivers to overflow on their long awaited journey to the sea.

Don´t miss out on this opportunity to listen to their roaring sound and watch as the water races uncontrollably.  We suggest visiting any of the cascades that can be accessed easily by people of all ages.  Pay special attention to the sounds of birds chirping as they try to attract their partners as it is now mating season for many species.

Xorroxin Cascade in Erratzu:  it´s path is well-marked and the hike can be appropriate for any age.

Well, it´s not like visiting the Niagara Falls but the cascades in Navarre do have their own charm.

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The Town of Javier returns to medieval times for just one day

Can you imagine coming upon this typically medieval sight?  A military camp, knights practising combat techniques with their swords, blacksmiths working the iron, a tavern, falconry and artisans showing off their crafts and a real castle!!  Where could this take place? In the Castle of Javier on Saturday, May 19.

The Medieval Festival will not only include thematic expositions and shows, children´s games and horse rides, but you will also be able to sign up for a free guided tour to discover the inside of the fortress.  You´ll be treated like the lord or lady of the land or feud,  in this case.

While in the area, why not take this opportunity to visit surrounding places of interest like the Leyre Monastery or the Gorge in Lumbier.  You´ll love it!

More info:  

What: II Medieval Festival in Javier
When: 10:00, Saturday, May 19, 2012
Where: The Castle in Javier, Navarre

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Don´t miss out on this opportunity!!  There are around 100 different bars and restaurants participating in our famous Pincho Week in Navarre.  For a special price, you will be able to try a sample of our finest cuisine in bite-size servings.  They´ll catch your eye and appeal to your taste buds.  You won´t be able to resist the temptation of trying more than one.

For more info: