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History - Achievements

  • September 2002- we open our first centre at C/Santa Cruz, 15, Zizur Mayor with five classrooms.
  • September 2009-we continue growing and expand our Centre, adding offices and four more classrooms.
  • June 2011- we achieve our Quality Certification-ISO 9001.
  • October 2011-we open our new Centre at C/Santa Cruz, 49, Zizur Mayor with six classrooms and offices, to allow us to fulfill the demand for our services.

During this time, as well as being able to cater to more students in our Centres, the demand for our services in companies is also on a constant rise. When we started our activity, 2% of our students came from company clients. Currently, 50% of our students receive language training in their own workplace making this service one of the most demanded.